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Meet Frances.

Creativity consultant
& mentor in visual and literary arts

Frances Cannon is the instructor of alternative education courses in creative arts for adults with an interest in either beginning or advancing their expressive methods. She works with individuals on short-term and long-term arts coaching, and also hosts group workshops in a wide variety of artistic mediums. She custom designs each course to the students’ desires and needs.  

                         Frances Cannon: artist, writer, and teacher

                         Frances Cannon: artist, writer, and teacher


The School. 

The C.I.C.A.D.A. school offers courses in visual art, creative writing, hybrid art, and healing through the arts. Whether novice or intermediate in your creative practices, this school will give you tools for artistic growth. These courses provide alternative education in creative arts for adolescents and adults who are interested in advancing their expressive methods. The courses are custom designed are custom designed to the students’ desires and needs.


Course Offerings


Visual Arts

Painting, drawing, printmaking, visual journaling


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Literary Arts

Poetry, fiction, nonfiction, literature, storytelling


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Hybrid Arts

Graphic literature, comics, zines


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Healing through Art

Creative counselling and guided cathartic expression, narrative medicine


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